Ad-hoc Sessions

The deadline for submissions for the Ad-Hoc Sessions has now passed.

One of the main aims for WCTR 2016 is to stimulate discussion among delegates, and so for the first time this year the organisers will organize an “Ad-hoc Session” which will be open to ALL delegates to present. In this “Ad-hoc Session” all delegates will have the opportunity to present their work and items to discuss at a booth. No abstract is required, and no full paper.

We recommend you use a poster-like format for presentation, though presenters could also use their laptop or other (compatible) means to support your presentation.

The Ad-hoc Session will be separate from other poster sessions and depending on the number of presentations, it will be sorted by topic area and session track.
Please note, this is not to be used as a forum to display commercial items.

Please note, presentations for the ad-hoc session will not be included in the printed programme booklet or on the conference app. A separate handout listing these presentations will be provided to all delegates at registration.

Presenters are able to give out any additional printed materials they provide during the presentation at the booth.

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