Topic Area A:
Transport Modes - General

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TAM: Mark Hansen*
Co-TAM: Anming Zhang*

Topic Area A covers research issues related to a single mode, and which are not addressed in other topic areas. In particular it provides a focus for the work of the Special Interest Groups on Air, Maritime Rail, and Road (Urban and Intercity) Transport. Given the likelihood of overlap with the work of other topic areas, care will be needed to avoid duplication of activity. As a general rule, sessions should be included in Topic Area A only where the focus is on the characteristics of the mode, or it is clear that they cannot be integrated into other topic areas. In particular, papers on the safety of a given mode may be submitted to this Topic Area A, but will be copied to Topic Area C, where SIG C4 has the responsibility of convening all safety-related sessions.

Session Tracks:

  1. A1: Air Transport and Airports (Martin Dresner)*
    All research papers related to airlines, airports, and the air transport system may be submitted to this track. Research topics include, but are not limited to, aviation economics and policy, air transport forecasting, the regulatory environment for aviation, business and marketing strategies in air transport, productivity and efficiency issues, air transport operations, air transport navigation and control, and the competitive environment for air transport. Theoretical, conceptual and empirical papers are all welcome.

    A2: Maritime Transport and Ports (Eddy Van de Voorde)*
    This session track invites all kinds of papers dealing with a maritime and/or port topic. We stimulate papers to treat a key development in the port and maritime business, either at management, operational or policy level. Specific topics can be either in the field of maritime, port or hinterland economics, environmental issues, maritime engineering, investment and finance, cost optimization, chain optimization, human resources and employment and legal issues. We encourage interdisciplinarity, i.e. all disciplines can be treated (engineering, economics, legal, mathematic,…).

    A3: Rail Transport (John M. Preston* and Marin Marinov)*
    This session track focuses on research and education on rail technologies, with a particular focus on issues concerning operations, planning and economics. It covers issues with regards to both rail infrastructure and train services and to both passenger and freight services. It covers national systems and their components, including long distance, regional and urban (including metro and light rail) services.

    A4: Road Transport - General (Robin Lindsey)*
    Session Track A4 covers research specifically related to road transport. Topics include: value of travel time reliability by mode; allocation of road space between buses, private motorized vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians; parking space for cars and bicycles; commuting patterns and telecommuting; and trends in per-capita automobile travel and 'peak travel'. Session Track A4 also covers certain aspects of urban public transit such as vehicle dispatching, schedule coordination, and quality of service.


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