Topic Area C:
Traffic Management, Operations and Control

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TAM: Hideki Nakamura*

Topic Area C is concerned with interurban highways as well as with urban roads, including traffic theory and modelling, traffic control and management, transport network analysis, information and communication technologies for traffic systems and infrastructure management. Safety analysis and policy is comprehensively addressed in this topic area both in relation to traffic safety and as an important issue for all modes and intermodal transport. Public transport management, operations and control is covered as a part of this topic area. Regarding developing and emerging countries, there will be a close cooperation with Session Track H3.

Session Tracks:

  1. C1: Traffic Theory and Modelling (Qiang Meng)*
    This session track mainly covers traffic flow and transportation network analysis. It focuses on methodological development and/or applications with mathematical analysis. Typical areas include traffic flow theories, transportation network modelling and optimization, traffic assignment models and algorithms, econometric and mathematical models to deal with transportation problems.

    C2a: Highway Design and Capacity (Hideki Nakamura)*
    This session track covers planning, geometric design, capacity and level of service of highway facilities. It focuses on planning policies, design techniques, capacity analysis procedures and tools, performance measure standards, model development and validation.

    C2b: Traffic Control and Management (Zong Tian)*
    This session track covers traffic operations, traffic control for various transport modes in urban areas. It focuses on traffic control strategies, multimodal integrated operations, control system modelling and validation, performance measures collection and reporting, and congestion management techniques.

    C3: Intelligent Transport Systems (Edward Chung and Henry Liu)*
    This session track covers the use of advance technologies for managing transport systems, including travellers information, V2I, V2V, managed motorways and lane use management. Use of new sensing technologies e.g. Bluetooth data for network monitoring, crowd sourcing transport data, and other innovative uses of technologies for transport applications.

    C4: Traffic Safety Analysis and Policy (Geetam Tiwari)*
    This session track includes studies of human, infrastructure, operational and vehicular factors influencing the occurrence, type and severity of traffic crashes and injuries. It covers the design, implementation and evaluation of countermeasures, the modelling and statistical analysis of traffic crash data, as well as policy, planning and decision-making in traffic safety.

    C5: Infrastructure Management (Rabi Mishalani and Claus Doll)*
    This session track includes the supervision and evaluation of infrastructure assets across all modes, e.g. by intelligent sensor technologies, new materials, measurement and assessment procedures. It further deals with approaches to transform the measurement data and evaluation results into actual asset and network management procedures.

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