WCTR Young Conference, ED-2

10 July 2016

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WCTR Young Conference (Y-I) is one of three activities of the WCTRS Young Researchers’ Initiative (WCTRS-Y), launched in 2011; for details visit the WCTRS Website (www.wctrs-society.com) (Please do not email credit card information under any circumstances). After the success of the first edition of the WCTR Young Conference (Y-I Ed-1) in Rio de Janeiro, accompanying WCTR 2013, the WCTRS Steering Committee (STC) decided to organize a second edition (Y-I Ed-2) in Shanghai to accompany WCTR 2016.
This one-day young members’ conference will take place on Sunday, 10 July 2016, under the general theme “Transport Innovations for Mobility and the Environment” with diversified research applications. The conference is totally run by young members of the society.

The Conference Chair is Lorenza Tomasoni, Project Manager for the Mediterranean Region and Scientific Activities, CODATU, (ltomasoni@codatu.org)
(Please do not email credit card information under any circumstances) and the two Conference Organizing Volunteers are Cassia Galvao, Ph.D. Student in Social Science, Sao Paulo Catholic University, (cassiabgalvao@gmail.com) (Please do not email credit card information under any circumstances)and Chenfeng Xiong, Research Scientist, University of Maryland, (cxiong@umd.edu)
(Please do not email credit card information under any circumstances). The three have been selected by the WCTRS STC from the list of applicants based on their experience and CVs. Authors of papers, reviewers of the papers and the Session Chairs are also from amongst the young members of the society. Two members of the WCTRS STC act as “Advisors” to the review process, Prof. Laetitia Dablanc (IFSTTAR, Université Paris-Est, France) and Prof. Antonio Musso (University of Rome, Italy). The whole process of organization of the conference is guided by a member of the STC of WCTRS, the WCTRS-Y Leader, Prof Ali Huzayyin (Cairo University, Egypt).

Currently the submitted papers for the conference are under the review process and based on the review result the number of papers to be presented will be decided. The Programme of Y-I Ed-2 will be announced on 15, June, 2016. All fully paid registered delegates of WCTR 2016, Shanghai are welcome to attend WCTR Y-I Ed-2.

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